Monday, June 27, 2011

I finally gave into temptation to start this blog

I've had this Blogger account since 2007. It was originally created so I could comment on Baby-sitters' Club snark blogs. In 2009, I started thinking hard about creating a blog to post tributes of my favorite characters and use a lot of pictures to make the tributes look like mini galleries. I ended up never making it. I guess I didn't want the blog to be strictly about character tributes. Plus I spend way too much thinking about my ideas and some I don't even try to pull off because I'm afraid they won't turn out right. I conceived an idea for an Dr. Facilier/Friends on the Other Side (characters from the 2009 film The Princess and the Frog) tribute video back in January 2010 and I've kept myself in the brainstorming stage ever since. This tribute video would be unlike the other tribute videos on YouTube to these same characters and I imagine people would find it darn clever. Perhaps one day I'll complete that tribute video...

I named my blog after a quote belonging to Don Bluth. Back in the 80's, he started work on an animated film based on the fairy-tale Beauty and the Beast. He described the tale as "a tender love story that says, 'a thing must be loved before it's lovable.' The loved before lovable part touched me. I'm wary of people because I'm not skilled at socializing. A person has to treat me well for me warm up to them. But there's nice people who can turn out to be not nice after all and I have a pretty sad self-story about that for another time.

Why does my blog's url has horses and seals in it? I'm a huge horse fan. I collect horse/unicorn/pegasi stuff and taken english style riding lessons at the same morgan horse farm for the past six years. The seals are for the volunteer work rescuing seals I do with my mom here in Maine. We've been volunteers since 2006.

This blog is a variety blog. It could have movie reviews, book reviews, fanmade videos other people made that I like and want to share, photos I've taken with my digital camera, my seal rescue experiences, ranting, my favorite character tributes, and whatever else I feel like posting in it.