Thursday, August 4, 2011

Proud Owner of a Female Tauros

I've been a Pokemon fan for 12 years. In July 2009, I learned of and joined a cool website call Global Pokedex Plus, where you adopt and hatch Pokemon eggs to fill up your Pokedex (a database that records information of all the different species you've obtained). My username there is Galactic Anthem. Trying to complete the Pokedex isn't the only thing people like to do on the site. Another thing people like doing is hunt for shiny Pokemon. I have a nice collection of shiny Pokemon there and I'll post about them some other time. Shiny Pokemon have different colors than their species are usually seen with. A horse Pokemon called Ponyta has red flames covering its body but a shiny Ponyta has blue flames. Shiny Pokemon are hard to come by and highly valued. A person decides what Pokemon they want a shiny of then start obtaining and hatching eggs of that Pokemon till they hatch the shiny. The amount of eggs it takes to complete a shiny hunt is random. One person can hatch a shiny Ponyta with the first Ponyta egg and another person can hatch a shiny Ponyta from the 626th Ponyta egg. I've been on a hunt for a shiny Tauros, a bull Pokemon, since October 2009. On the 23rd of last March, I hatched a female Tauros.

(I dressed her up with flowers. ^_^)
Her personal page:

Tauros is a species that is 100% male, ask any Pokemon fan. What I had was an awesome glitch Pokemon! I kept her, named her Bertha (after Big Bertha, a black chick wearing a red outfit with spikes in the Super Mario Bros. film, who falls in love with Mario), raised her to Level 100 (the highest level a Pokemon can reach), and show her off in my signature on the Global Pokedex Plus forum, Global Trade Station Plus. She has a relaxed nature and because of that, she likes any berries people feed her. While hatched Pokemon are occupying their owner's party (the party can hold up to six Pokemon and all the other hatched Pokemon in the owner's possession are stored in boxes in the PC aka personal computer) they're fed berries by their owners and other people playing on the site to help level them up. Depending on their nature, some Pokemon prefer to be feed a specific berry and some are happy being fed any berry.

When I finally find the shiny Tauros, he's going to be Bertha's mate. I'll place them in the Daycare (a place for breeding Pokemon) and find out if they can be a breeding pair. Boy, if they're able to breed, won't people who adopt their babies be surprised when they check the heritage of the offspring and see its parents are both males and discover one male is actually female.

Want to know what my Chinese zodiac is? The ox/bull. =D

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